Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to heritage international school

Welcome to Heritage International school, where excellence is is tradition!!! (बोले तो जहां उत्कृष्टता की परंपरा है)
Every small thing is been taken care of here from a air to breathe to mud to walk. And this is not only for saying but is really true.
It is a place where a student is so well trained that he could teach a teacher of other school. It is the first school is Jharkhand to have using the smart class but we students know that the class becomes smart due to us. It is present at a peaceful place away from the noisy city where a student can concentrate completely on his studies. The school is not only famous for it's good study and location but also for it's extra activities and moreover it's designing and construction style.

  • a baby park
  • a football ground
  • a cricket ground
  • lawn tennins court
  • volley-ball court
  • basketball court
  • and a Indore games room
  • A dance room
  • A music room
  • An art room with different galleries
    and much more.....
  • Labs for computer,physics,biology,chemestry and so on..
  • Smart classes
  • A/C in all the classes
  • A big liabrary
    and lots more.....